Today 01/20/20 we have added a new functionality "List of ideas" in our application "Task Matrix". Now you can record and store your ideas in a special list. This may be necessary, for example, when there is an idea, but its description is not enough for the statement of the problem or it is planned to create a similar task in the future. Now, having written your idea in a special list, you will never forget about it. And at the right time, if necessary, you can easily turn your idea into a task (the "Convert" button). Ideas, as well as tasks, support the functionality of creating reminders - you can set the date and time of the reminder about the idea. 

Added functionality for saving to a file and loading from a file a task list and a list of ideas. Lists are saved in json format. List of ideas - can also be saved in CSV format.

Task Matrix: Eisenhower matrix online app